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Opioid Task Force News


Other Opioid Task Force news coverage

Biden administration will allow nearly all providers to prescribe buprenorphine

Amid the pandemic, another crisis worsens
Texas A&M Today

Texas A&M Training Every Health Science Center Student How to Administer Naloxone
Spectrum News In Focus

U.S. News Analysis: The Opioid Crisis Is Here to Stay for Years
U.S. News & World Report

A&M Health Science Center, BVCOG training others to use opioid overdoses medicine

Texas A&M first to train all health professions students in life-saving overdose-reversal drug

Texas A&M: All health students will be trained to administer naloxone to opioid overdose victims
The Eagle

Experts on teen substance abuse panel discuss drug use, support for young people
The Eagle

Texas A&M task force faces opioid epidemic head-on
The Battalion

The Senate can change the course of the opioid crisis

Local task force to examine opioid crisis with free film, panel discussion

High opioid-prescription rates include Texas CDs
Cleburne Times-Review

National Academy of Medicine Launches Action Collaborative to Counter Opioid Epidemic; Public-Private Partnership Will Coordinate Initiatives Across Sectors to Drive Collective Solutions

First responders receive free training on medication used to reverse effects of opioids
ABC 13 News, Houston

What the US can learn from other countries in dealing with pain and the opioid crisis
The Conversation

Texas A&M Health Science Center Response to Opioid Epidemic
Coastal Bend Magazine