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Center for Population Health and Aging

Active for Life®. Every One. Every Age. Every Day.

Charting the future of Healthy Aging

Our Center is dedicated to promoting population health and successful aging through innovations in research, education and practice that examine social, behavioral, economic, environmental, and technological solutions linking academic and real-world clinical and community settings. We offer expertise in promoting health and wellness programs, chronic disease prevention and management, building healthy communities, and exploring interactions between health, aging, and technology. We strive to improve geriatric care, evaluate policy issues related to population aging, grow the pipeline of experts in gerontology and geriatrics, and identify interventions for promoting healthy aging across the life course.


CPHA conducts research and service projects in our local community, across the state, and throughout the country.  Explore our active research projects and learn more about eligibility criteria for each study to get involved as a potential participant.


In 2020, CPHA launched an online training site, Enlighten Together (, to host distance education courses and curricula. This site complements CPHA’s research and programmatic efforts by providing high-quality and interactive trainings about a variety of health topics. In the spirit of our collaborative C4 (community, clinical, corporate, campus) strategy, these trainings can be used across sectors to enhance knowledge and skills among the population health and aging workforce. The growing set of offerings on the site can help organizations and individuals: (1) obtain continuing education units (CEUs); (2) be trained and certified to lead initiatives; (3) get on-boarded for specific projects and initiatives; and (4) train to better serve communities and clients.


CPHA programs focus on social, behavioral, economic, policy, environmental, and technological innovations that positively affect aging individuals, their families, healthcare professionals, and communities. Since the founding of CPHA in 2016, the Center has served over 5,000 older adults through evidence-based programs and trainings. Current areas of research and community outreach initiatives include: diabetes programming, dementia programming, the Opioid Taskforce, and chronic disease and self-management programs.

Coalitions & Partnerships

The Center works with various organizations across the state and nation to increase awareness about evidence-based programs, tools, resources and research that benefits older adults, practitioners and caregivers. The overarching mission of these partnerships is to keep Texans “active for life… Everyone! Every age! Every day!”

Latest Center News

The Center’s latest news can be found in Texas A&M Health’s Vital Record and on our social media channels. Sign up for our quarterly newsletter to keep updated with our research projects, publications and more.